The Prostitution in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is totally illegal under UAE federal law & Punishments can be severe including imprisonment and flogging, and this punishment increase during Ramadan.Foreign prostitutes are deported after serving their Service.In 2005 the UAE deported the 4,500 foreign prostitutes UAE nationals are permitted a number of residence visas. These are mainly used for domestic staff, but any surplus is often sold through middlemen to prostitutes to enter and remain in the country for two years. Residence visas may change hands at upwards of £5,000.Despite a law forbidding entry to unaccompanied females under 31 years of age,”agents arrange for prostitutes to enter the country on a 30-day tourist visa. Although there is some street prostitution, notably Hamdan Street in Abu Dhabi, most prostitution takes place in the bars and nightclubs of hotels and all prostitution serve their service in Online Prostitution Sites  ( anushkaescorts.com, Islamabadescortsservice.com  etc….)The UAE attracts many foreign businessmen as it is slowly gaining a reputation as one of the Middle East’s sex tourism destinations.Many of them arrive regularly from the post-Soviet states, Eastern Europe, Far East, Africa, South Asia, and other states of the Middle East.


Sobia i am independent escort in Dubai , 28, earns thousands of pounds from willing punters. She says: “I go to Dubai a couple of times a year to work in the big hotels. “Every bar is full of working girls — it’s the hidden culture out there. “My main clients are businessmen from all parts of the world and local Arabs. That shocks some people when I tell them. “The businessmen pay £500 an hour and are just after straight sex. “Arabs are slightly different because they have an obsession with cleanliness, so I spend most of the hour in the shower, which I find odd. “With locals, the sex normally doesn’t last longer than ten minutes.” She adds: “Businessmen automatically take you for a prostitute in Dubai if you are a woman alone in a bar and they’ll come and chat. “I’ve been bought gifts of upwards of £5,000 on some shopping sprees. “Any money I make I wire back to Britain because you can only take so much out of the country by law.” Dubai gives the impression of being a safe holiday hot spot with its plush hotels, sandy beaches and — thanks to its strict Islamic religion — very little crime, alcohol or sex. But behind the windowless bars and clubs, prostitutes are busy plying their trade. They come from all over — Nigeria, Philippines, China, Thailand, Europe and Russia.




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